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Read the following little description of an ‘interesting’ present (that you can actually buy!!) and find the words that are missing from the text.


Here is a lovely and tasteful gift for the person who _______ (1) love to have a dog _______ (2) companionship, but is not interested _______ (3) the more biological aspects of the dog, _______ (4) as eating, barking, drooling and attempting to make weewee on _______ (5) square inch of the planet.
This is an almost semi-lifelike dog statuette _______ (6) doubles as an attractive and practical lamp. Picture the scene: It's a rainy evening, and you're snug in your living room, reading _______ (7) the light of your dog. _______ (8) time to time you look up from your book and say: ''Do you want to go out, Scamp?'' But Scamp never _______ (9). Good Scamp!
And if, later that night, a burglar enters your home, you can use Scamp to club him on _______ (10) head. You can even take Scamp _______ (11) a walk, if you have a really long extension cord.
Below you can check your answers, but before you may want to actually see the Dog Lamp, which you can do right here:


(Ha legörgetsz megtalálod a megoldásokat is!:))





























1. would
2. for
3. in
4. such
5. every
6. that
7. by
8. From
9. does
10. the
11. for




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